Smart Industrial Solutions

Next-generation industrial IoT, data, and digital solutions help optimize production and improve machine utilization. Together, we create a foundation for data-driven decision-making and envision new business opportunities.
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What we do

Future-proofed industrial solutions

We start with user and business needs. Then, strategically plan the technical architecture, select scalable technologies, and implement technology solutions. We help you refine value from data to benefit industrial production and the whole life cycle of machinery.

Our end-to-end approach drives your production and business to new levels of success.

Typical industry sector solutions that we work with:

  • Predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Production optimization
  • Intelligent machine stock management
  • Measuring the health of operations
  • Modernizing industrial applications to future architectures for improved scalability and manageability

Brightly IoT Framework

We have developed the Brightly IoT Framework to deliver the initial business value faster and create a scalable foundation for future industrial data solutions.

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Industrial machine

Built for your needs

Cloud-based IoT data platforms

Real-time data processing and analytics solutions are cornerstones of success in the industrial sector. We help you utilize the latest cloud-based technologies that create the basis for agile data use now and in the future.

Value-creating digital solutions utilizing data

With Brightly, you can build data-driven maintenance and after-market solutions, digital twins, fleet management, machine and work insights for users, production optimization, intelligent workforce management, and data-sharing solutions. You name it – we have the capabilities to build the digital solution you need.

KPI measurement solutions & advanced analytics

Gain actionable insights through real-time reporting and monitoring solutions to optimize and manage ongoing production and operations. We help you gather and present meaningful data to users and gain more profound value using advanced analytics and AI models.

Industry 4.0 & connectivity solutions

Build connectivity solutions that scale to the future using OPC-UA, MQTT, and others. Also, we have experience setting up protocol conversion solutions to enable the seamless future use of the existing device base.

Edge solutions and platforms

We provide next-generation scalable edge solutions and platforms for processing large volumes of industrial data on the edge and creating local application platforms.


Our capabilities

We have broad experience modernizing of existing industrial applications and solutions to future architectures for improved scalability, manageability, and efficient development. We utilize the latest cloud-based technologies, Kubernetes, and containers.

We have a broad range of data collection capabilities that cover various aspects, including automation, production, and control systems. We work with building automation systems (BAS), sensors, machine control systems, APIs, databases, ERPs, MESs, and other digital solutions. Through seamless integration of these components, we guarantee efficient data connectivity between diverse industrial sources.

Unlock the true potential of your devices, sensors, and control systems with our team of seasoned experts. We are at the forefront of the industry sector, equipped with the latest technologies and a deep understanding of modern software development practices. We create embedded solutions using, for example, RUST, C/C++, Qt, and OPC UA.


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