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Build digital solutions that go beyond fulfilling users’ basic needs, anticipating what they need and when.

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Built for your needs

End-to-end digital solutions design and development

We create winning digital solutions by identifying user’s needs and building solutions to match them.

We handle digital solution development from start to finish; from architecture planning to the user interface.

Digital service channels

We create easy-to-use digital service channels that look fantastic.

We extract intelligence from data to automate customer service processes whenever possible.

Web portals for data sharing and self-service analytics

Web portals for data sharing are needed to provide access to data for large user groups and create better user experiences.

We develop data-sharing portals to enable your customers to access relevant data visualizations and self-service analytics.

Custom ERPs and information systems

Your business needs are sometimes too specific to be addressed by ready ERP products, and a custom ERP is needed.

We map your business and user needs to create ERP solutions and information systems centered on your needs.

Intelligent data, ML and AI solutions

Insight extracted from data can create significant value for users and businesses by providing tailored experiences, anticipating user needs, and automating manual business processes.

We act as a guide and create intelligent digital solutions by utilizing AI technologies.


Comprehensive solutions that users love

We craft digital businesses, solutions, and information systems. Our quality stems from understanding customers and businesses deeply, harnessing insights from data and analytics, and implementing technical architectures with best practices and methods. We empower you to build solutions that users love.

The solutions we have created are enjoyed by millions of users daily.

Typical end-to-end digital solutions that we work with:

  • Smart consumer applications for the finance sector
  • Cloud data platforms and digital solutions providing insights for building owners
  • Data integrations and customer data platforms for electricity sales
  • IoT and predictive maintenance solutions for maintenance staff

Our capabilities

Service design and new service concepts

We offer senior design expertise for creating new concepts and improving existing services. Our approach combines business understanding and strategy, identifying customer and employee needs, and the ability to recognize the best technologies for the task at hand.

Modernization of existing solutions

Sometimes, business-critical solutions must be modernized to enable scalability, make them run in the cloud, or transition them into a modern microservice or event-driven architecture. Brightly does it for you.

Event-driven architectures

Event-driven architectures are commonly used in systems where real-time processing, responsiveness, and scalability are crucial. They enable systems to react quickly to changes, facilitate integration with external systems in real-time, and handle large volumes of events like user actions, sensor readings, database updates, or messages from other systems.

Microservice architectures

Microservice architecture offers improved scalability, flexibility, resilience, and maintainability. It enables organizations to build and evolve complex applications more effectively by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable services that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. Microservices allow teams to work on different services concurrently.

Cloud & Infrastructure with modern methods

We use modern methods to set up your cloud infrastructure to future-proof your setup. Modern infrastructure includes automation whenever possible, observability, and scaling.


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