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Our culture is built on openness, putting people first, and excitement that fuels our expertise.
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A Beacon of Expertise

At Brightly, we are more than just tech-savvy professionals; we are a close-knit community of senior data, IoT, and software experts who light the path for tomorrow's digital solutions.

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Fusing Expertise with Openness

We foster a flat organizational culture, actively breaking down barriers to encourage open communication and collaborative innovation. Collaboration fosters learning and learning, in turn, empowers individuals to make informed decisions within their areas of expertise. We build Brightly as a company together, and everyone has an option to be a shareholder.

Crafted by and for people at Brightly

We, together with our colleagues, form the company culture. There is no management layer dictating the values to live by, but the culture shines through every one of us. These are the cornerstones that our colleagues appreciate.

Expertise & Autonomy

Each team member is an expert in their respective field, with the freedom to make decisions.

Open & Collaborative

Our culture is rooted in openness and collaboration. We work diligently to keep our company culture truly flat, where everyone's voice is heard.

Growth & Support

We value the growth of our colleagues, offering room for them to shine and develop their skills within and beyond their fields.

Constructive Communication

We treasure constructive communication, valuing differing perspectives, and social skills that foster a supportive and harmonious workplace.

Brightly is shaped by
everyone of us
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Your journey to excellence starts here

We place a paramount focus on your personal growth journey. We're not just another workplace; we're a nurturing ground for excellence.

Mentorship for Unprecedented Growth

Everyone has an optional opportunity to be mentored or be a mentor. Whether you're looking to excel in your current role or striving for a remarkable transformation to a new one, we find you a mentor to guide and inspire you every step of the way.

Invest in your learning

We believe in the power of knowledge, so every team member is endowed with a personal development budget. Use it to fuel your education on platforms like O'Reilly or Udemy, ensuring you're always on the cutting edge of your field.

Learning through experience

Learning by doing is a philosophy we live by. Engage in personal projects that challenge your skills, and not only will you gain valuable experience, but you'll also be rewarded for your dedication.

Praise for knowledge seekers

We're not just about cloud certificates – we celebrate curiosity and support you on your learning path. Mastering any new skill is valuable, and we understand that your personal growth journey is unique.

Explore with cloud sandboxes

We provide cloud sandboxes, enabling you to experiment, test, and innovate new solutions and approaches.

Choose your path

We respect your expertise and individual aspirations. You have the autonomy to select the projects that resonate with your interests, skills, and ambitions.


Light up your future

We blend cutting-edge technology with a warm, inclusive culture and actively seek individuals who value growth and lets everyone shine.

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