Identify the value-generating AI use cases

AI Horizon is a strategic journey to find and develop AI solutions that deliver business value. Harness our expertise in constructing practical AI applications to identify and capitalize on your most valuable opportunities.
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A ready-made process to discover and test the power of AI in your organization

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1-4 months
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3 customizable modules
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Beginner / Intermediate


Equip your organization with AI knowledge by our AI Lead.



Collaborate with your team to map value-first use cases for AI. Brightly’s experts facilitate workshops.



Evaluate the business value of selected AI use cases.


Looking to AI horizon with you

Janne Solanpää
Janne Solanpää
AI Lead

Armed with a tech PhD and a strong background in AI, data science, data engineering, and software engineering, Janne Solanpää is a seasoned specialist in the field. His expertise lies in designing and implementing scalable data infrastructure on leading cloud platforms and in developing innovative software solutions. Leveraging advanced analytics and cutting-edge AI solutions, Janne has been instrumental in helping businesses unlock the potential of their data, driving growth and success.

Elina Korpela
Elina Korpela
Design Lead

Elina is a creative thinker specializing in service design. She is dedicated to defining business and service concepts that often come alive in digital products. Drawing on her design expertise and background in business, Elina has contributed to the design of services for large international companies and early-stage startups, particularly in the industrial and IoT service sectors.

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Why AI Horizon?

Stay ahead

Come up with creative ideas to benefit from AI that make strategic sense for your business. Find hidden gems that will give your business an edge.

Learn with AI experts

Benefit from the expertise of Brightly’s seasoned AI professionals who will guide you through the intricacies of AI advancements, sharing real-world insights and experiences.

Focus on your people

Beyond the tech, we're about people. Our collaborative approach places your team at the heart of the process. Together, we explore, ideate, and implement, ensuring that the human element is considered every step of the way.


Your questions answered

AI Horizon is designed for organizations seeking to harness the power of artificial intelligence. Whether you're a CTO, board member, or other key decision-maker, AI Horizon provides a guided framework to collaborate with your team to identify value-driven AI use cases tailored to your business needs.

The duration of the AI Horizon project can vary based on the complexity of your organization and the scope of AI initiatives. Typically, the process involves initial consultations, coaching sessions, workshops, and proof of concept implementation. Usually, it takes one to four months to run the modules in AI Horizon to identify use cases and gather initial user feedback based on proof of concept.

To make the most of AI Horizon, we ask for your commitment to the process. This involves active participation in coaching sessions and workshops, providing relevant information about your organization's goals and challenges, and collaborating with our experts. It's possible to engage in AI Horizon with your management team, product development team, or any other cross-organizational composition of your colleagues. For example, to identify AI use cases in customer service, you may want participants from the leadership, technical, and customer service teams. It's always good to have one main contact person who is responsible for driving the initiative internally.

Upon completing the AI Horizon project, you will have a clear roadmap for implementing prioritized AI use cases in your organization. Depending on your needs, we offer ongoing support for the implementing full-scale AI solutions. Additionally, we provide guidance on scaling, monitoring, and optimizing AI initiatives to ensure sustained success.

Our team of AI experts has a proven track record of successfully implementing AI solutions for large organizations. We offer tailored guidance, a strategic roadmap, and hands-on support to ensure your AI initiatives align seamlessly with your business goals. By partnering with us, you tap into a wealth of experience and expertise, accelerating your journey to AI success.