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Create solutions that empower people to make strategic, data-backed decisions that drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency.
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What we do

End-to-end data-driven solutions

Creating value from data requires a high-level data strategy, identifying value-creating use cases, and implementing scalable next-generation cloud-based data solutions. Brightly can take care of data-driven solution development from start to finish, including data engineering, data science, and data-driven software development.

Typical cloud data solutions that we work with:

  • Data architecture implementation, for example, for media or finance sectors
  • Creating and modernizing data platforms to enable AI-driven solutions, for instance, for retail
  • Predictive analytics solutions to support data-driven management

Typical AI solutions that we work with:

  • Machine learning based logistics or operations management
  • Electricity production optimization and predicting electricity sales
  • Machine learning -driven digital solutions for banking and insurance
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Built for your needs

Next-generation data platforms & lake houses

We design and create next-generation data platforms to enable data visualization, advanced analytics, and intelligent digital solutions. Data platforms ensure agile value creation from data by collecting, enriching, storing, and sharing data to different use cases.

Data Catalogs

Realizing the actual value of data starts with contextualizing data and making it easy to understand and search. A data catalog tells what each column in a data asset stands for, what type of data the asset contains, and how is a data asset connected to the other assets.

Data visualization and KPI-solutions

Our dashboards and reports empower you to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and drive growth with precision. We design and implement data dashboards with users to guarantee that the tools are in use and benefit their specific needs.

Data mesh and modern ways to organize data product development

By adopting a Data Mesh approach, organizations create a more scalable, agile, and resilient organizational structure that can adapt to the evolving needs of the business. It promotes a data ownership, accountability, and collaboration culture, enabling teams to effectively manage and leverage data products within their respective domains.

AI-powered digital solutions

Experience the next level of digital transformation through AI-powered solutions. Our team of experts harnesses the full potential of data through AI technologies to create tailored, data-driven solutions that enhance productivity and drive success. Stay competitive and future-ready with Brightly’s team at your side.


Our capabilities

Our AI solutions are designed to boost productivity, foster innovation, and augment existing systems. Our team of AI engineers utilize cutting-edge technologies, including, e.g., OpenAI's generative AI models, sophisticated computer vision algorithms, and a variety of deep learning techniques. We deliver practical AI applications that directly support our clients' business needs.

Extract value and insights from data to generate business benefits. We can help you with f.ex. forecasting, anomaly detection, generative AI solutions, text & conversational solutions, predictive modeling, and more.

Our service design expertise is centered around data and IoT. Through design thinking, we help our clients to have a stronger alignment between their business, customer & employee needs, and technology to deliver meaningful data-driven solutions. With us, design is a seamless co-effort between our designers, developers, and a client.

Data engineering is a key activity for enabling data utilization for different use cases. Data is often stored in multiple locations and formats that are then unified by data engineering.

By adopting DataOps practices, organizations can improve their data operations' speed, agility, and reliability.  DataOps enables faster time-to-insights, reduces errors and rework, and fosters a data-driven culture within the organization.

Together, we build and streamline Machine Learning Operations solutions that align with your organization's objectives. MLOps frameworks streamline the entire machine learning lifecycle, from model development to deployment and monitoring. Our expert team ensures that your MLOps strategy is precisely tailored to your requirements, enabling you to maximize the value of your AI investments.

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