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Testing is an Investment in the Future of the Product

Software testing is the unsung hero of the various development disciplines. Often the testing is seen as ‘Complex!’ ‘Time-consuming!’ and ‘Tedious!’ But as a systematic part of your development processes, it makes developers’ work smoother, easier, and cost-effective while making your product solid, bug-free and future-proof. Here are some ways to leverage testing to improve your product and help your developers do their best work.

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Marktexpansion in der DACH-Region

Gemäß unseren Plänen zur Expansion in die DACH-Märkte haben wir im März 2024 ein Büro im Herzen Mitteleuropas eröffnet.

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Stop Talking About AI, Start Solving Real Problems

The hype is strong with AI. As we're bombarded with AI-related topics, it might seem imperative to move quickly, but it's equally important to ensure that we're solving the right problems. Read more to learn how use a problem-solving mindset to make your AI project successful.

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Data Cases as Innovation Projects

Modern data solution development has surprisingly many similarities with the innovation process. In this blog, I describe how to recognize innovation phases when developing data and analytics cases.

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Uncovering The Pulse of Social Media: AI Insights into Finland’s Labor Market Debate

This blog post delves into the application of modern AI for extracting meaningful insights from the turmoil of social media discourse. We showcase this technique by examining the social media conversations about the ongoing labor market reforms and political strikes in Finland.

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Why Should All Software Projects Use Unit Tests?

This article will address the impact of unit testing on projects, define testable units, explore the benefits of disciplined practices, and provide guidance on getting started.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Production Grade GenAI Software

This article distills Brightly’s hands-on experience into essential dos and don'ts when developing GenAI applications for production use.

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Data monetization on a modern data platform

Data monetization is a process of converting organizations’ raw data into sellable data products. This article covers two real-life examples of data monetization, explains the key benefits of data monetization, and describes how to monetize your data in practice.

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GenAI: How to distinguish hype from potential business value

Generative AI has the potential to contribute $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy, making this the right moment to seize market share. The question is, how can you determine GenAI's real value for your business?

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Streamlining Git Workflows for Efficient Development and Quality Assurance

Explore the essential guide to streamline Git workflows for efficient software development and quality assurance. From understanding core Git workflows to implementing release management, Semantic Versioning, and embracing automation, this article offers practical strategies to enhance collaboration, code quality, and overall development efficiency.

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A Deep Dive into Machine Learning with Databricks AutoML: Revolutionizing Retail Sales Predictions

This case study explains the solution we built in partnership with a prominent car dealer to enhance their business efficiency by leveraging a predictive model to estimate used car sales cycles.

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Today’s GenAI Stack

In this blog post, we'll break down the essential components of today's GenAI applications, from the AI models that drive content generation to the user interfaces that connect users with these applications.

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