Brightly made solutions

We create business value and competitive advantage for our customers by designing and developing intelligent digital and data solutions. Our expertise is built around the latest web software technologies, cloud-based data technologies, AI/Machine learning and IoT technologies. We believe in easy and exciting cooperation and long-term partnerships.

Data- and AI-driven digital solutions

We design next generation AI- and data-driven digital solutions and execute  digitalization and automation of business processes. We provide superior personalised user experiences based on data-driven insight. We can also automate manual customer service processes with easy to use data and AI-based digital solutions.

Strategy and consept

Developing a data strategy and a concept for data-driven digital services that create business value.


Making data part of the new services. Identifying the most valuable data sets. Building a scalable data platform.

Software development for web & mobile

Designing and developing both new and existing smart digital services in order to create business value and better services for users.


Data understanding and data science model development: predictive-, machine learning- and AI-models.

Continous Development

Continuous development of services based on data and measurable results.

Data engineering and data analytics

We design and develop advanced data-analytics solutions, cloud data platforms, event, stream and batch based data integrations and IoT-systems, use latest DataOps practises, provide tools for data science (for e.g. predictive modelling, machine learning and AI), execute BI-tools integration and APIs for intelligent data use in applications, services and reporting.

  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Snowflake, Cloud DWs, Data Lakes, DeltaLake

  • Glue, Datafactory, Databricks, Airflow, ETL tools
  • SQL, Python, Spark, Kafka
  • Data Modeling

Web and mobile software development

We turn ideas and concepts into digital solutions. We architect and develop front-ends and back-ends for web and mobile by using latest technologies, best agile practices and devops way of working.

  • React/Angular/Vue, Typescript, Javascript, SSR, Micro-frontends
  • NodeJS, Python, Java, C#/.net core, Kotlin, Go, Scala, Clojure
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  • Serverless Architectures, Containers
  • CI/CD pipeline

Data, web and cloud architectures

We design solutions around critical use cases to bring the customer business value. We help you define use cases and requirements and design architectures for digital data driven solutions in the cloud.

  • Identification of high level use cases and requirements
  • Definition of information security and data protection requirements 
  • Architecture design of data- and AI-driven digital solutions and technology recommendations
  • Planning of development project, definition and prioritisation of backlog based on business value

Industrial IoT-solutions

We design and develop advanced cloud-based industrial IoT-solutions to offer data to f.ex. production optimization, preventative maintenance, reporting and digital services. We create next generation digital solutions by combining our strong industry knowledge and modern development methodologies and technologies.

  • IoT-enabled business models
  • IoT-ecosystems
  • Edge and cloud platforms for IoT-data, IoT-data solutions
  • Digital solutions based on IoT-data

  • AWS, Azure ja Google Cloud
  • IoT ja Edge computing: Azure IoT Edge, AWS Greengrass
  • Connectivity: MQTT, OPC UA, REST
  • Snowflake, Cloud DW, Data Lake, Time series database
  • Glue, Datafactory, Databricks, ETL tools
  • SQL, Python, Spark, Kafka

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